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With members across the USA, the 500+ acre all outdoor club offering hunting, fishing, shooting, hiking, picnicking, camping, RV use, photographic opportunities and much more!
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The Chicopee Sportsmen's Club would like to thank the NRA for their generous grant to improve our ranges so that we may continue to provide the best in safety and training for all that use our club facilities.

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The Chicopee Sportsmenís Club will begin using a text messaging system in addition to our regular forms of communications to notify members about events and other important information related to the club. The content of the text will consist of things like special events, range closures, shooting events, club meetings and other types of club activities. We are providing this service in an effort to help you make the most out of our club membership. We hope that everyone with text capability will sign up. Since this is a free service for the club, you will see an advertisement at the bottom of the message. You are under no obligation to explore the website but are welcome to check out the services offered if it is something of interest to you, if not interested just ignore it. Please refer to the website of this service in order to find out more about what is offered at Their service promises there will be no spam and they do not give out phone numbers to any other services or venders. To sign up for this great service just
text CSC2015 to 84483Ö itís that easy! If at a later date you wish to discontinue the service you can easily remove your number from the list by visiting the companyís website and click on unsubscribe at the bottom of the page. You must put 84483 in as a contact, when you pull up the contact just type CSC2015 and hit send, it's that simple. We have heard that the people who signed up already love it! It reminds you about the monthly meeting, when the ranges are closed, dates of your favorite shoots, archery shoots, the NRA courses and any upcoming events. It's a great thing, please sign up so you don't miss any of the events or important messages.
In addition to this website and our other forms of communications we would like to announce "Auto Text Messaging"
Due to circumstances beyond our control the N.R.A. pistol coarse will be unavailable until further notice.
Attention club member pheasant hunters.... WE NEED HELP to pick up and stock the pheasants for this hunting season.
This will be done just before the season opens so if you can help us out please call Dick at 413-538-8617 after 6 PM. or send us an email to let us know. If we do not get the help we need there just may not be any pheasant hunting on the club grounds this year!
Our club will no longer be having our general meetings at the current location.
The building is being sold and we need a new place.
We are currently in the process of locating and securing a new venue for the club gen. meetings and the Board of Directors meetings, CHECK THIS WEBSITE OFTEN FOR UPDATES WE WILL POST THE NEW LOCATION HERE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
Great news..... the DEER POOL IS BACK!!!!!!
Come to a meeting and sign up!!!!!!!
Due to a special event ALL RANGES WILL BE CLOSED Sep. 17 2016
Until 4 pm