Shooting Ranges
Blackpowder/Shotgun/Plinking range:
Black Powder shooting enthusiasts share a unique 100-yard outdoor range with ample room for many shooters. Events put on during the year may include hunter’s walks, wild-west shoots, a club championship shoot, and other types of shoots. A roof covers the shooting line and permits shooting in any weather.
The plinking Range to the left of the shotgun range as shown in picture below is intended for Air/BB and .22 rimfire cal. use ONLY.
Pistol Range: An outdoor pistol range capable of serving 20 shooters is currently available for shooting. Tables and seats are specially designed to provide ample room for all shooting material. A roof covers the shooting line and permits shooting in any weather.
Rifle range: High Power Shooting – A 200 yard rifle range is always open for shooting any and all types of guns such as semi-automatic rifles, shotguns, and pistols. Shooting tables with adjustable seats make it ideal for sighting in guns, or just shooting for an afternoon.
Be sure to check out the High Power page for more details.
Note - Pistol range #1 is a RESTRICTED RANGE to be usd ONLY for club supervised/sanctioned events. Please use Pistol Range #2 or the Rifle Range for general use.

Additionally for calibers larger than .44 MAG Please use Rifle Range.
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