Pistol Pin & Plate Shoot - These shoots are designed for the member with a competitive spirit. Each match is started using the .22 Rimfire pistol, an inexpensive way of having fun knocking down the bowling pins or steel plates. To ensure that everyone has an equal chance of winning, our "handicap system" is used. Its fun. Its fast, and once you’ve tried it, you’ll be back to try it again!

Some pictures are posted below but don't really do justice to the amount of fun that everyone was having and I am sure we will have even more fun at the next shoot. Check the schedule above and we will be happy to see you at the next Pin & Plate shoot!
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Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 Pin & Plate Shoots!
Download 2017 Pin & Plate schedule here!
Fun Pistol Shoot, open to the public! - click on link for complete schedule
Pin Plate & Fun Shoots

October 16, 2016 Jay Monte won the Master Blaster Shoot for 2016. This is Jay's 3rd win. Great job Jay. I bet Brian's jealous. :) Jay won a trophy and $50.00 cash. There were only 4 shooters this year, (we had 3 that couldn't make it) The runners up from left to right are; Mike Daponde, Jay Monte (the winner) Paul Horton and Jeff Weeks. Congratulations you all did a great job. I wonder who will win next year!

October 16, 2016(on the left) Mike Daponde took 1st place and Jay Monte took 2nd Place. I would like to mention Jeff Weeks won 5 out of the eight shoots this year. He wins all year long and is one of best shooters, it is hard to believe he is not on our plague, he really should be, maybe next year Jeff. Also Mike is one of our most improved shooters this year, good job Mike. Great shooting guys. You two are the best....

This is the plaque of all the winners of the Master Blaster since 2004.

We would like to Congratulate all the shooters that won the Baster Blaster. The latest Master Blaster that was added to the Master Blaster Hall of Fame was Jay Monte on October 16, 2016. Great shooting Jay! We look forward to next year and who knows maybe next year your name will be added to the plaque!

Thank you to all that participate in our shoots. Of course a very special thanks to our committee Dick Cahalan, Mike Kennedy and Jack Andrade for donating their time and helping out for all our shoots and also to all the shooters that help with clean-up after the shoots, I couldn't do it without your help.
I hope everyone has a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving and a Very Merry Christmas. See you all next year, Walt

Pin & Plate's last shoot of the year. Here are some of our dedicated shooters. We would like to thank Dick Cahalan and Mike Kennedy and Jack Andrade for all their help. Of course a special thank you to all our shooters, they are always willing to help out anyway they can, the shoot would not be the same without you guys & girls. Thanks again for a great year. Hope to see you all next year. Walt & Renee
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