Need a quiet place to go to, just to relax for an hour or so?

Fishing at the Club pond – bring a pole along and come and sit on the banks of our well-stocked Trout pond.

Or, bring the kids and the picnic basket. Trout are stocked at regular intervals and “lunkers” are always lurking below.

During the winter, the pond is reserved for Sunday ice fishing only. Holes are drilled through the ice by our staff.

A kitchen is also open in our rustic clubhouse along the side of the pond with a warm stove to chase away the chills.

Reminder :

Please review fishing rules contained in club rules:

3 trout open water, 2 trout ice fishing limit/day etc.


Watch for the 2019 Kids Fishing Derby.

For more info call Celeste at 413-592-7747.

Come on and enjoy the fun. The more the merrier.

Every child entered in the Derby wins a prize.