High Power Shooting


A 200 yard rifle range is always open for shooting any and all types of guns such as semi-automatic rifles, shotguns, and pistols.

All Federal, state, and local firearm laws must be obeyed.

A grass pad in front of the tables is laid out for prone shooting. The prone shooting area may only be used when it is determined to be “the established firing line”. At no time shall there be more than one firing line used on any range.

NOTE:  At no time and under no circumstances may anyone be forward of the “established firing line” until the line is determined to be “clear”.

  1. When the line is declared “CLEAR”:

  2. All firearms must be holstered; or unloaded and benched or grounded, with the muzzle pointed down range, with the action open, ejection port or cylinder up, and magazine removed.

  3. Everyone must step back from the firing line.

  4. No firearms may be handled until the line is “CLEAR”                       

League Matches

League Matches are held several times during the year at the range. This is serious marksmanship and competition, and not for the ordinary shooter. However new shooters are welcome to come and learn how it’s done at “clinics” which are held frequently by our own highly qualified instructors. Our club is D.C.M. affiliated and a member of G.O.A.L.

2024 Northeast High Power Schedule

For more info call

Ron @ 413-323-5545.

A crisp sunny morning with a very light breeze, from setup to the final shot it was a great day for a match!